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About Us

this is art creative studio ......

was founded in 2011 and located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

We are an art education studio for age 2 - 14 yrs and offer diverse Art Class, Seasonal Workshop, Birthday Party and Professional Art Service.

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Our mission

  • Unleash the potential of children through Art Education

  • Raise the Creativity and Logical Thinking

  • Emphasize the Aesthetic Development

  • Treat Art as one of the essential education in Hong Kong

Why us?

  • Empower Children to Create & Design

  • Encourage Children to Observe & Understand

  • Insist Small class teaching

  • Offer Omni-channel learning platform

  • Provide Top Quality Environment & Atmosphere

Our faith

We believe ART education is ...

  • the key in brain development of children

  • an easy and interesting way to express children's emotion and build self-confidence

  • a direct way for parents to understand children's inner world

  • an important foundation of hand-eye coordination

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