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Art Program

We offer Regular and Seasonal Art Program to fit children's diverse learning needs.

Creative Visual Art Class is our most popular Art Program which provides comprehensive art education for kids. 

Age 2 - 14yrs
6 different levels
 Toddler:  2 - 2.5yrs 
 Explorer:  2.5 - 4.5yrs 
 Observer:  4.5 - 6yrs
Discoverer:  6 - 7yrs 

 Captain:  7 - 9yrs 
 Legendary:  9yrs+ 


Develop drawing skills and art knowledge through universal topics

Art Media

Water Color, Poster Color, Oil Pastel, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Chinese Ink ...etc

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Creative Visual Art Class
Age 6yrs+
different levels 


Strengthen basic drawing technique and knowledge


Available in Sketching and Acrylic Painting

Art Media

Pencil Sketching or Acrylic

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Basic Art Class
Age 3 - 14yrs
Chinese New Year, Easter, Summer and Christmas


Create 3D Art & Craft pieces by lightweight clay and various materials

Art Media

Lightweight clay, Acrylic and unbounded materials

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Seasonal Workshop
Age 3 - 14yrs
July to August


Offer different types of short Art Program in summer such as Art Lab, Creative Workshops, Calligraphy...etc


Aim to broaden children horizon of art and taste development

Art Media

Various media and unbounded materials

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Summer Program
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